Refighting the Barbary Wars

Just last week I penned a story about a Yazidi woman (Teenager?) kneeling before her purchasers, one of which who will bid victoriously to have help around the house he can stick his penis into on a moment’s notice.

Peter is shocked about “The Current Year”…

Then we come across this article about modern slave markets in Libya. Hillary Supporter Peter Daou is shocked that slave markets exist in 2017 which is shocking in itself that he’s shocked.  There are more slaves today than at any other point in history (Maybe even accounting for population).  The feeling that things might, at times, be getting worse is a crash course with the typical Marxist narrative that everything is a relatively smooth and upward trajectory from White Christian Patriarchal primordial soup towards the egalitarian demi-gods they are destined to become.

History started yesterday for these people, as they don’t realize that we go through cycles where civilizations rise and fall, some people even putting together interesting thesis’s rooted in endocrinology and Evolutionary psychology .

Blindness to the past is not their only detriment as they cannot also accurately predict the future of certain policies.  Daou, an advisor of War Criminal Hillary Clinton  is amazed that there is an Arab slave trade of black Africans out of Libya.  Just as the Clintonian arming of rebels in Syria lead to the Rise of ISIS and the sexual slavery of the Yazidi women, a power vacuum was created with the Clintonian War crime in in Libya which has brought us to today.

Now Sexual slavery follows the Clintons little charity (There is a reason the Haitians DESPISE the Clintons) but this is a new benchmark for Secretary Hillary.  Shes literally brought back the Arab African slave trade after we fought a gut wrenching Civil war in our own country to end it and since we have a conspicuous history with slavery in that particular part of the world.

If you are familiar with the Anthem of the United States Marine Corp., The Marines’ Hymn, and you are almost certainly familiar with the opening lines:

‚ÄúFrom the halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli‚ÄĚ

The Part that says ‚ÄúThe Shores of Tripoli‚ÄĚ refers to The Battle of Derna ¬†which was part of the Barbary wars.

Barbary corsairs and crews from the North African Ottoman provinces of Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli, and the independent Sultanate of Morocco under the Alaouite dynasty (the Barbary Coast) were the scourge of high seas of the Mediterranean. Capturing merchant ships and enslaving or ransoming their crews provided the Muslim rulers of these nations with wealth and naval power.

Barbary corsairs led attacks upon American merchant shipping in an attempt to extort ransom for the lives of captured sailors, and ultimately¬†tribute¬†from the United States to avoid further attacks, as they did with the various European states. Before the¬†Treaty of Paris, which formalized the United States’ independence from¬†Great Britain, U.S. shipping was protected by France during the revolutionary years under the¬†Treaty of Alliance¬†(1778‚Äď83).

This lapse of protection by a European power led to the first American merchant ship being commandeered after the Treaty of Paris. On 11 October 1784, Moroccan pirates seized the brigantine Betsey. The Spanish government negotiated the freedom of the captured ship and crew; however, Spain offered advice to the United States on how to deal with the Barbary States. The advice was to offer tribute to prevent further attacks against merchant ships. The U.S. Minister to France, Thomas Jefferson, decided to send envoys to Morocco and Algeria to try to purchase treaties and the freedom of the captured sailors held by Algeria.

Back Home Jefferson argued that paying tribute would encourage more attacks. Although John Adams agreed with Jefferson, he believed that circumstances forced the U.S. to pay tribute until an adequate navy could be built.

Pan forward to 1801- 1805 and the now Presidency of Thomas Jefferson. Just before Jefferson’s inauguration in 1801, Congress passed naval legislation that, among other things, provided for¬†six frigates¬†that ‘shall be officered and manned as the President of the United States may direct.’ … In the event of a declaration of war on the United States by the Barbary powers, these ships were to ‘protect our commerce and chastise their insolence‚ÄĒby sinking, burning or destroying their ships and vessels wherever you shall find them.'”¬†On Jefferson’s inauguration as president in 1801,¬†Yusuf Karamanli, the¬†Pasha¬†(or¬†Bashaw) of Tripoli, demanded $225,000 (equivalent to $3.24¬†million in 2016) from the new administration. (In 1800, federal revenues totaled a little over $10 million). Putting his long-held beliefs into practice, Jefferson refused the demand. Consequently, on 10 May 1801, the Pasha declared war on the U.S., not through any formal written documents but in the customary Barbary manner of cutting down the flagstaff in front of the¬†U.S. Consulate. Algiers and Tunis did not follow their ally in Tripoli.

The Battles of Tripoli and Derna lead to many courageous acts of the fledgling US Navy and Marine Corps in what would amount to a great victory.

We can reserve judgement of a Trump Presidency, guarded optimism mixed with inquisitive questioning especially of military acts.

But think of the disaster averted of a Hillary presidency. Her policies, not  a measure of progress as her progressively deluded supporters imagine, but of rehashing the battles of our nation’s founding like ending slavery off the Barbary Coast…


The Politically incorrect guide to Russian Non-hacking of the Election:

Back in the days after Russia, donor to the Clinton foundation, magically acquired 20% of US Uranium production through “legal” means under the watch of Secretary of State Clinton Mother Russia also cut a deal with Syrian Leader Bashar Al-Assad to allow an Iran pipeline to go through Syria in exchange for favorable OPEC votes & cash.

Now the state department, previously worried about Russia acquiring this uranium as it would box out US production and Russia’s supply of energy to Europe, worried a Russia supported pipeline would consolidate Russian influence of Europe.

Meanwhile Good buddies and Gulf partners Saudi Arabia and Qatar would prefer to send a Qatar pipeline through the Saudi Kingdom and through Syria which would then move on its way to Europe.

Now despite Previous Russian money flowing into the Clinton foundation (and the Clintons personal Bank account via Russia’s Renesaince Bank) the Clintons were greatly concerned about the following: Namely while Russia had previously donated in great amounts to the CF: Quatar & Saudis donated to the Clinton foundation more recently and with more cash.

This is a conflict of Interest Clinton style, Russia paid us for this back then but our Gulf allies are paying us more right now.

Besides Russia having expanded influence over Europe is terrifying to Diminishing Global Empire, Uncle Sam. But US interest, regardless of nobility or vileness, always take a back seat to Clinton Cash.

In exchange for the “what have you donated lately” plan the CIA was dispatched to Syria where the CIA was behind a staged Arab spring uprising to attempt to topple Assad, because he was blocking the Qatar/Turkey pipeline plan.

This of course lead to the Syrian civil war and the humanitarian refugee crisis.

It also lead to the John McCain/Lyndsey Graham supported arming of “Moderate” rebel opposition who go by the names of Alqaeda and ISIS.

5 years later the tide is turning in Syria as Aleppo has been retaken by Syrian forces and President Elect Trump has vowed to fight alongside latest arch Devil Vladimir Putin in the destruction of ISIS.

Now who is upset by all this:

1. The Saudis who should probably ask for a refund as HRC breach of bribery is evident.

2. Madam Hillary – With Jeff Sessions leading the Justice department it’s a little bit more difficult to stare down the barrel of an investigation when your friends (or Husband the President) can’t influence the outcome.

3. Asshole republicans: War mongering neocons like McCain and Graham take in huge donations to grease the war machine. Donors don’t like when donors don’t get.

4. Central Intelligence. Don’t let people tell you that the CIA is some benign clandestine service keeping you safe at night. From its inception during the dark days of the disgusting Dulles brothers the role of the CIA has been the subversion of democracy everywhere that US hegemony was threatened. From coup attempts, to assassinations, to torture to drug running the CIA has had a very dark history which has not benefited you in the slightest. It’s fitting that the continued crack up of the regresive left would now include taking the word of the CIA as sanctified gospel after years of correctly admonishing their tactics. And if there is an agency that could use a little swamp drainery it’s the Boys in Langley which is why they are floating this Russian Conspiracy Bullshit.

5-1A. Have I mentioned the Vile Saudi Arabians yet? With diminished access to European Markets, expanding US Oil production and… the kicker in all of this.. . Trumps nomination of Rex Tillerson, the CEO of Exxon Mobil and Putin friend, is pretty much a giant Fuck You to the Saudi regime and their benefactors in the CIA.

With diminished Saudi influence we might be able to get them to hold up their end of the bargain on that whole “human rights” issue, such as stop torturing women, executing homosexuals, and permitting slavery.

Russia did not “Hack” the election. Trump beat the establishment. The Bush/RNC the Clinton/DNC the Bullshit Inc. media that is desperately flailing in an attempt to maintain power.

And when the CIAs soft coup fails he will have one more scalp to add to the collection…

Tyrannical stupid dispatches from Northern North America

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the passing of other world leaders:

“We are saddened to hear of the passing of Il Duce Mussolini. His commitment to locomotive punctuality was unrivaled.”

“Sophie and I were saddened to hear of the passing of Fuhrer Hitler. His tremendous work on behalf German industrialization pales in comparison to his suicide awareness platform.”

“We grieve for the loss of Comrade Stalin and his country. He will be fondly remembered for his agricultural reforms and anti-obesity campaigns in the Ukraine.”

Now that isn’t entirely accurate of what that Canadian Kewpie doll said.

The leftist prime minister heaped praise on Cubas long time communist dictator.

Now the right has its dictators as well. But the right supports dictators when they make money off of them the left supports dictators on purely ideological purposes, often ignoring human atrocities.

There is a case to be made that you can’t look at Castro’s deplorable “left wing” regime without understanding it through the lens of Americas “Right wing” Imperialism.

America has certainly supported dictators who viciously suppressed their own populace in order to bring in western corporations to enrich a privileged political elite. Usually the Communist and socialist revolutionaries who take power cut out the western corp middle man and “Nationalize” industry for the people which leads to viciously suppressed country men and the enrichment of a privileged political elite.

“Right wing Capitalism” or “Left wing socialism” is the difference between a turd burger and a steaming Shit taco to the unlucky subjects of resource rich countries.

Now while the right doesn’t bend over backwards to defend the honor of dead dictators like Mussolini or the Duvaliers the left can not heap enough praise on the Castros and the Stalins and the Mao’s of the world. Their desire to control history and explain away why Marx’s workers paradise hasn’t manifested yet prohibit them from honestly assessing the genocides of their leaders. After all it’s an accident that “Real” (Communism/Socialism) hasn’t been tried yet.

When Trudeau defends a murderous dictator because of universal healthcare or literacy rates while ignoring genocide and the creation of millions of refugees he does profound injustice to the legitimate causes of progressive justice. There are left wing governments with excellent education systems. There are governments with socialized healthcare systems that the people rave about.

More importantly these countries, like the Scandinavian countries and, well, Canada show that you can attempt certain socialized programs and you don’t have to resort to genocide and torture if the populace can be honestly persuaded, and not coerced, to seek these goals. Trudeau should have delivered a carefully worded statement similar to what President Obama did that didn’t praise the leader but understood the conflicts of the Cubans on both sides of the Florida Straits.

No Canadians scaling walls or rafting in predator infested water, trying to escape some unbearable hell hole. He looked to his ideology for guidance and not simply looked out a window before praising the impeachable…

Dancing on the grave is better than digging it.

Progressives took time out of there candle light vigil for their criminally ill candidate yesterday to dance on the grave of Phyllis Schlafly, showing again that its not just the Westboro Baptist Church that knows how to get down at a funeral.

If you are not familiar with Ms. Schlafly that’s OK, it was before your time. Luckily the left has a long memory with whom they wish to destroy.

Schlafly was 92 years old and is probably the last few of a dying breed of Culturally Christian Conservatives. Despite endorsing Trump several months ago, it is perhaps symbolic that she fades into eternity in the first Presidential election in which The Christian rights imprimatur did not go 100% on the Eventual Republican nominee.

The diabolical crime that she did that deserves rapid and horrible death is her 1970’s support for the defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment, which stated goal was the “equality” of men and women. This Amendment was debated for half a century and was at times opposed by factions as diverse¬†as conservative groups, liberal groups, Ms. Schlafly and even the liberal Saint Eleanor Roosevelt opposing it for varying reasons. These reasons the bill were opposed was varied as some felt that it would give women more rights than men while some felt that it would take away workplace protections of women. Some even felt that this amendment would have opened women up to selective service, ie. The Draft.

Which is to say that when we get down to brass tacks the Equal Rights Amendment like every other piece of clap trap that originates in the bowels of political sausages grinders was an ambiguous piece of shit that could be interpreted in anyway it needed to be depending on who was donning the black robe that day.

Despite the wide range of descent on the appropriateness of the bill Shafly opposed the ERA for the worst reason of all, her belief that men and women were not “Equal” but separate and distinct sexes and that it wasn’t a woman’s job to do everything a man can do, but to do the things he can’t do. In other words mans laws could not undue natural law and biology.

If that didn’t go over well during the Nixon Administration how do you think it goes over today?

So the left took glee in the fact that a 92 year old woman died because “she made millions of people miserable.” Well she is certainly guilty of that particular charge.

As has Barack Obama. As did George W. Bush. As did Bill Clinton. (Although I would argue on a much larger scale for those three rascals).

That is the nature of this thing called politics. Politics is, after all, to quote eminent leftist Vladimir Lenin “Who does what to Whom.” Those who achieve political power makes the lives of those who disagree miserable.

And Shafly certainly did annoy the shit out of some NOW bra burners back in the day.

But still celebrating the death of a political adversary, especially one whose influence has waned in recent decades is a bit obnoxious.

For starters everyone, from a biological standpoint, deserves to die, its going to happen as the bell does toll for all of us. And based on life expectancy 92 years is outrunning the Grim Reaper by a good decade plus. But sitting here thinking she deserves to die for conservative christian principles is like saying that Ted Kennedy was cheated out of life despite a lifetime of stall worth liberalism and that Barack Obama will achieve eternal life for the Affordable care act.

Nope. Not how it works. You die because its time to go.

But the part that is really chilling with the lefts celebration of political oppositions death is that they feel they DESERVE to die for their positions.

We need not remind the left, that the greatest genocides of the 20th century, from Stalin to Mao to the tunes of 100’s of millions of souls were done on ideological grounds, IE what people BELIEVED or more importantly that they didn’t believe enough in what those in power believed.

Now I have some pretty pronounced beliefs rooted in human liberty that are considered left wing that differed from the conservative Ms. Schlafly. She supported Government restriction of Abortion and legislation against Gays doing whatever the hell it is that gays do and She was Hawkish while I am anti-war.

But I will not celebrate her death.

I will however celebrate the fact that she died peacefully in her home and not in some gulag that her ideological opponents believe she belonged and I will strive¬†for a world in which they never achieve power again…