The Dividing Line…

Concerning the #TrumpKimSummit a quick though:

The media reaction, reflexively Anti-Drumpf, are looking for ways for Which this can become a black eye for Blumpf.

One of the real concerns that can occur is that NOTHING CHANGES and a regime of human rights abusers continues to attempt to develop Nuclear weapons.

That is a concern.

Another issue is Kim himself who is condemned, probably not without cause, for being a dictator. This issue wasn’t a concern for the media during the recent Winter Olympics when they were fawning at the feet of Kim’s Sister, Kim Yo-Jong, (OMG she’s eyerolling Mike Pence) when it served its anti-trumpfl interests but I digress, these issues have always been there.

It is important to have perspective.

Kim did not create the system, that was his grandfather and fathers doing. This was a system and a burden placed upon him.

North Korea does not exist in a vacuum, it has its internal pressures and regional external pressures.

And then along comes a man who fancies himself as a deal maker who makes Kim an offer he can’t refuse.

“Get rid of the Nukes and reunify with your brothers in the south. Don’t worry about your neighbors WE will protect you like we Protect the South and Japan. You will have an economic explosion like you’ve never seen. Pyongyang will glisten like Seoul in under a decade. You personally will reap the benefits as you will grow wealthy alongside your people. And you, Mr. Grand Marshal will be the man who did it and completed your families dreams of reunification.”

Not many can turn down those offers.

But what of the Gulags and the most horrific aspects of the present regime.

Again Kim Jong-Un didn’t start that. But he can finish it. Free democracy’s and republics don’t need gulags and internment camps like dictatorships do.

Someone else realized that.

31 years ago, TO THE DAY, another American president stood at the dividing line of brothers of its day, the Brandenburg Gate Separating the free from the enslaved in Berlin and said:

“If you seek peace, if you seek prosperity… if you seek liberalization… Mr. Gorbachev Open up this gate…Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall!” Ronald Reagan, June 12 1987

Here’s to History repeating its self, and welcoming a New Day…


A Stormy on the Horizon

We are supposed to tell our little girls that they can be anything. Doctors, Lawyers, Scientists, Astronauts. Hell one day one will be the first American female president.

Or they can be porn stars.

Now I don’t say that flippantly, or in an unnecessary negative manner. I’m not a porn guy myself, (sex is like golf awesome to play, stupid to watch), but I’m not going to harangue the connoisseurs or the performance artists themselves.

Stephanie Clifford (Stormy Daniels, but let’s humanize her by using her birth name) didn’t take the route of the doctor and the scientist but took the easy route to money by using her considerable… assets 😉.

More power to her. That’s her choice. But society has told her that this choice is wrong and she should have done something else.

We still have a difficult time talking about sex in America, for various reasons. But today the main reason we have a hard time discussing these matters is we don’t want to state a millennials old truism that is grounded in evolutionary behavior and attraction:

Men value women for their looks women value men for their status.

I say this is evolutionary because in the long crawl from the mud to the stars we had to keep the species going and growing and we search out members representing genetic fitness.

Men like facial structure, ideal waist/hip ratio and firm breasts, women like men who look like they could club a Sabre tooth tiger and protect and provide for their offspring.

Now times have changed, obviously, but the biology has remained the same. Men don’t have to club Sabre tooth tigers but succeed in the business world. Modern technology has lead to a world where woman are not at the cruel mercies of nature needing a man to protect them, but are equally capable of that same success.

Yet while women can provide and protect for themselves men still like big tits. Duh.

And this is something that pisses people off.

“How dare Stormy Daniels become a porn star and sleep with crude billionaires. There is no value in that.”

Until today, apparently. Now this is note worthy.

Now Ms. Clifford wants to “tell her story.” And rest assured that many people that have looked down on her all of the sudden want her to “tell her side of the story.” More to the point with 7 and 8 figures after the dollar sign we have certainly placed a considerable amount on “the story”.

And what, pray tell, is “the story”? That a star struck porn star jumped on the wrinkled dick of a lecherous billionaire?

What value is in that?

Well there is none, if we are to be honest with ourselves, apart from the captain ahab like pursuit of Slumlord billionaire and the eternal quest of the white whale of impeachment.

Stephanie still hasn’t caught on to this exploitation.

Men filmed her throughout her 20s, consensually exploiting her if you will, in actives which would be roundly condemned by the people pushing “her story” forward today.

Donald Trump, no angel by any stretch of the imagination, knew he could parlay his status as a billionaire and reality tv star, to carve another notch into his almost sawn asunder bed post. And he did. And she acquiesced. Stop the presses.

And here we are, for round 3 of Ms. Clifford’s exploitation, only this might be the most ironic. Because the people pushing her forward now would be screaming at her for the first 2 rounds.

You can be a doctor or a lawyer. Or any other cubicle jockey. But for Gods sake don’t be a stay at home mom or a porn star?

But in this case, and st the risk of being Hypocrites…Tell us your story Stormy.

On the wrong side of Histories Ash Bin

I never thought I would see the day that the media would hate a US President so much that they would hold in esteem a Communist Dictatorship which kills, enslaves, starves and tortures it’s own citizens but then again I’m old enough to remember how the Media held the Ghastly Soviet Union with such high regard when it was in its Cold War with Cowboy Satan himself, Ronald Reagan.

CNN is praising Kim Yo Jong who is the Director of the Propaganda and Agitation Department of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Read that sentence again.

CNN and the rest of Bullshit inc. bitch daily that President Trump calls the main stream media “Fake News” and they are praising the “Director of the Propaganda and Agitation” of a Stalinistic dictatorship, comedy and the obvious irony escaping them.

CNN runs articles about Trump’s “authoritarianism” while not so subtly weaving Hitler comparisons, self-congratulatory tomes pretending their intrepid reporting is all that stands between concentration camps springing up in New Jersey and meanwhile they praise a woman part of a regime where real life gulags in which summary execution, torture, rape and starvation are a daily occurrence for 100’s of thousands of people. This does not to speak of the open air concentration camp that the larger 25 Million person populace live in, ready to be shipped to these smaller gulags because their third cousin twice removed didn’t bow fervently enough to a statue of Kim il-Sung.

And lest we not forget that this regime took an American student, accused of taking a poster off the wall and returned him home comatose; a ghastly ghost within a shell from the many months of torture before he finally experienced.

This is CNN.

Now those who don’t know (or refuse to acknowledge) history are doomed to repeat it so let me tell you how the story ends.

The Soviet Union, despite being much more powerful than North Korea, much larger, and having nukes that could actually hit shit held up their media aided Potemkin image until a few presses from a determined populace throughout the Union brought about its rapid collapse.

Ronald Reagan, an actor who turned politician later in life, was mocked mercilessly as an idiot by the media and the elite who he continuously stymied. When not speaking bluntly and calling a spade a spade, or an “Evil Empire”, he used wit and humor to mock his arch nemesis until it descended, into Reagan’s apt and descriptive terms “the ash bin of history”.

Trump, like Reagan, will die comfortably in bed in old age and not of pneumonia in some communist Gulag.

Mikhail Gorbachev, in the final triumph of capitalism, got to star in some Pizza Hut Commercials, a reward for being less nuts as he oversaw the final destruction of his empire.

Kim Jong Un, however will suffer a different fate. He will be shuffling from dirty dialysis center to dirty dialysis center, exiled in some shit hole country after the reunification of his people…

And CNN will be there to sweep up more ashes in history…

Shitholes and Haiti 🇭🇹

The Coverage Of “Shitholegate” might need to make a retraction.

Apparently, and in point of full disclosure I am a little bummed, President Trump might not have actually said the word “Shithole” in describing some countries that are a little more unsettled than western civilization.

Like Haiti for example. 🇭🇹

Do you know ANYTHING about Haiti or do you only pay attention when your attention is directed there by people who want your eyes on the ball?

Haiti was first “discovered” by Spain when Christopher Columbus mistakenly thought he found India in December of 1492. He managed to run the Santa Maria aground on Christmas Day. He left 39 men behind forming the settlement La Navidad and their Christmas gift to the indigenous Taino people was Catholicism and Small Pox.

Control of the western third of Haiti was seeded over to France with the Treaty of Ryswick of 1697 and France supplemented the local labor pool with imported slaves from Africa to maintain the lucrative sugar cane crop.

Haiti, having enough of this shit, started a slave result inspired by the French Revolution (how ironic), starting in 1791. The Fledgling US colony first supported the local slave owners before eventually supporting the slaves solely to diminish French Influence in the region.

Haitian General and former slave Toussaint Louverture scores stunning Victories against The Spanish and British invaders before finally getting captured by Napoleons forces and died in French custody of Tuberculosis. It didn’t matter at that point as two years later Haiti won its independence.

Haiti is regarded as the only slave revolt in history that won.

Think about that.

Unfortunately the exploitation of their colonial past always catches up with them and they’ve had a run of “bad luck” since then.

For years the US supported Dictators Francois and Jean-Claude Duvalier who stole millions of U.S. aid from the Haitian people. The US agricorps allowed into the country flooded Haiti with Cheap US taxpayer financed subsidized food which destroyed their local farming and forced them into virtual factory slavery (and into crowded slums like Port-Au-Prince). Their first popularly elected president in the past half century, Father Jean-Bertrand Aristide, was deposed by US financed forces after he dared to mention raising the minimum wage to $2 a day.

And when the devastating 2010 earthquake hits the narrative is spun about all the good work that’s done intentionally blind to the precursors which permitted such devastation.

Never one to miss out on exploration Billions were given to the Clinton foundation that magically made its way into their and their crony buddies pockets. There’s even indications that Chelsea’s wedding was paid in part by Funds expected to go to the Haitians.

There are frequent if not Constant protests of Haitians outside Clinton Foundation offices which commutes wholesale financial rape of the country after the devastating 2010 earthquake.

The From Columbus to the Clinton’s its just a centuries long tradition of subjugation of the Haitian people for their own benefit.

And to add insult to injury the UN forces relief effort involved barter of sexual services with the devastated populace for basic necessities for life.

Can you think of a more exploited people? Regardless of Trumps choice of words one thing is clear:

It’s taken a lot of wasted money to keep that place a shithole…

First, the War Criminals

First, the War Criminals

Interesting times we are in…

99 Percent Space

Because the NWO cabal has opted to use war as a weapon against humanity, they and the other war criminals will receive the first “attentions” of free humanity. Until justice has been applied to every single criminal who killed, mongered and profited in wars of aggression, we will not be able to recover our dignity as a species, simply because we won’t have earned it.

Yes, karma will ensure everyone gets what they deserve, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the need to enact justice in a ritual and cathartic manner for the good of humanity as a whole. Every single person on the planet should be able to explain to their children why these persons can no longer be allowed to walk among us. The children will intuitively understand, and the ones that don’t will at least learn the lesson.

The current power structure is…

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I haven’t mentioned politics in a while because for God’s sake it’s not politics season but this fell in our laps this morning.
If you’re wondering how an “anti-abortion” politician can advocate for an abortion for his mistress I’ll let you in on a secret I’ve mentioned before.

Politicians don’t really give a crap about the issues they espouse.

In texting to his mistress about his apparent hypocrisy on this issue, public stances against abortion while privately advocating for them when it benefits him Murphy said:

“I get what you say about my March for life messages. I’ve never written them. Staff does them. I read them and winced. I told staff don’t write any more. I will.”

Translation: I only say this because the idiots that vote for me want me to say this.

Now regardless of what you think about this deeply emotional issue and not to discount those emotions one abortion has minimal impact on the fate of society.

Unlike say a National Health Care policy.

After getting trounced in the 2006 and 2008 elections the republicans came back from the dead in 2010 on the backs of the “Tea Party” and its opposition to the unpopular Obama Care. They voted a whopping 3 dozen plus times in 6 years to repeal Obamacare knowing the man whose name graced the Bill would veto it.

Republicans used the Obama veto as a rallying cry:

We will repeal this law once we control the House of Representatives… and the senate… and the Supreme Court… and the presidency… ummm… with the right President not this president.

So much like their closet abortion positions Republicans never really intended to repeal Obamacare they just pretended to want to repeal Obamacare so they can get elected.

I’ll let you in on another secret. Republicans secretly wanted Hillary Clinton to win so they could spend 4-8 years “fighting” (campaigning and fundraising) against “Hillarys radical liberal agenda.”

Imagine a political party governing from a poverty mindset.

Now this hypocrisy is not contained to one side of the aisle. Brigadier General Obama said we must “do something” about Gun violence in the wake of the tragedy in Las Vegas. The man who armed and funded terror cells in Syria, Neo-Nazis in the Ukraine, and Mexican drug cartels thinks Jim Bob needs an extra five day waiting period.

Secret agent Double O Hillary tweeted about silencers, which were not used in an attack, and how they must be banned.

The woman who armed and funded Syrian opposition groups which has engaged in Terrorism, genocide and sexual enslavement thinks you shouldn’t have an apparatus that reduces gunshots from jet engine to jackhammer decibel levels to protect your hearing.

I haven’t heard her Husbands take on it yet but it is important to remember that less than 2 years after his assault weapons ban his commerce department was granting waivers to Chinese company Polytechnologies to Import AK-47s coinciding with some $600K checks to the DNC from Chinese Bundlers.

Now if the issue is bailing out bankers or congressional pay raises than they all can agree on that but when the issues involve raw human emotion: Abortion, Guns, Health Care than the strategy is not to agree and certainly is not to “do something” but to give the appearance of struggle against forces beyond your control. Let the issues fester tugging at heart strings of the populace so you can subtly guide a self herded people into tight groups who can be exploited for fundraising (Money) and votes (CONSENT!)

I will say it again, Politics is Bullshit, the driver of societies are psychology and biology.

How much of the core being of who you are will be made available for your “betters” to control?

Collecting Scalps…

I wasn’t offended in the least bit by Kathy Griffins little stunt.  Nor do I want to see her career ruined (although I am considerably amazed that she has actually had a career as a comedian).

Ms. Griffin after offering a sorry/not sorry apology, showed up at a press conference and blamed Trump, Sexism etc. for the smoldering train wreck of her career.  The solipsistic self-immolation was painful to watch from someone who would no doubt describe herself as a “Nasty Girl”.

It would be cliché to say to Ms. Griffin “If you want to blame someone look in the mirror.”  Not incorrect just cliché.

No if Ms. Griffin wants to know who is REALLY to blame she has to look around the room at the next cocktail party she goes to, if she is still invited.

When she is toasting champagne with her dulled by decades of media dominance unfunny ideological comrades, as they wax un-philosophically and bitch about Drumpf, if she has the liquid courage at the garbage time portion of the soiree, when tipsiness causes lucid honesty, she might ask in a whispered voice to her colleagues “Why did we create such a world?”

A world of political correctness run amok so that entire lives can be ruined over moments of mistakes, real and imagined.

A world where a Bloviating if not Popular TV commentator like Bill O’Reilly can lose his job over unproven allegations. Although we must give the devil his due, “FUCK IT WE’LL DO IT LIVE” is funnier than anything Ms. Griffin shit out of her mouth in her vapid career.

A world where Sean Hannity, a second rate Rush Limbaugh wannabee (There’s a double entendre insult in there, By The way), can almost lose his job for asking questions about the unsolved murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich.

A world where Former Founder and CEO of Mozilla, Brendan Eich, can lose his job and almost have his career ruined for giving $1000 to a political campaign to keep marriage legal only between a man and a woman.  It should be remembered that the campaign Eich donated to, California’s Prop 8 in 2008, actually WON its statewide election showing Eich was in the majority with his political opinion.

If you can lose your job based on unproven accusations, an honest attempt at investigative journalism, or a small donation to a more popular if politically incorrect political position from a half decade earlier what the Fuck makes you think you can hold up the severed head of the President of the United States and not experience a Backlash?

If we are honest Ms. Griffin can be forgiven for being blindsided.  There has been a double standard as the doughy old guard Bush-Falwell cuckservative right has played by Marquess of Queensberry rules, virtuous in defeat that they haven’t “descended” to the depths of their ideological opponents.

Jeb Bush said during the republican primaries “You can’t insult your way to the Presidency, Donald.”

Well, that’s where you’re wrong, Kiddo.

Look no further than the symbolic head she didn’t collect, the President who insulted his way to the presidency literally bare knuckle brawling past the political and media establishment into the most powerful position on the planet with the help of an unseen horde of 4chan /pol/ warriors that memed him into existence.

Its fitting that of all the tasteless and drone things to be done to ruin a career it was the severed head that did her in. Griffin was the First scalp to get the O’Reilly treatment as the new emerging right uses the tactics of the old descending left.  It won’t be their last scalp…