Who Am I:

An American Ex-pat in a self impossed witness protection program in Asia. I’m not hiding anything but with a bit of digging my identity is pretty easy to find but not so important. I’m just a guy.

We are all prone to biases in our thought and I am no different. I identify as an Libertarian (Anarchist as Libertarian sounds too soft and squishy). This doesn’t mean I like throwing rocks at Cops at G-20 summits (not knocking it, of course) just cognizant of the fact that Governments all over the world have an impressive record of racking up debt, destruction and death.

From a Religious spiritual point of view I would probably border on the metaphysical-Buddhist spectrum of thought. I believe in a creator that wishes to experience physicality so little God-Sparks of soul and consciousness flicked off to become matter and expanded consciousness. It became dust, stars and star stuff, rocks and trees and animals and Us. That’s why we are here: to have an experience, to be little individual Go-Pros for the creator where we live, love, learn, and grow ultimately returning to the source with the lessons we learned.


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