The Mindset of the Aggrieved…

I have a confession, of sorts, to make.

You know how I have a propensity for telling funny stories? Now they definitely happened, I was there, but creative license is employed and when you’re reading about my adventures you are reading them through a certain filter. Call it the Piper Filter.

Do you know how I know creative license was employed in the retelling of these stories? Simple. I’m giggling my ass of when I am typing them out when I was NOT laughing when the shit was going down in real time. 😁

How does this happen? We see reality, like everyone else, but we INTERPRET it differently based on our Mindset. Mindset being the “set of assumptions, methods, or notations held by one or more people or groups of people that is so established that it creates a powerful incentive within these people or groups to continue to adopt or accept prior behaviors, choices, or tools.” (Cernovich, Mike – The Gorilla Mindset)

There are different mindsets one can have. I have one that sees humor and joy in everything, which can (and has) gotten me in trouble at funerals. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least bit if seeing humor in everything (The Humor Mindset) was a coping mechanism for early childhood shit that went down. Laughing at things, after all, is pretty empowering.

There are other types of Mindsets as well. Motivational gurus will talk about having an Abundance mindset, a Fear mindset, a Fixed vs. Growth Mindset. etc.
Obviously it is beneficial to go through life with a more positive mindset.

And there are other stories like this unfortunate incident which highlights a much worse mindset.This Muslim College student was on the LIRR when three Drunken “Trump Supporters” attacked her and pulled off her Hijab.

A hoax. All made up.

This comes after an incident last month in Lafeyette Louisiana when A young Muslim woman claiming that nebulous “Trump Supporters” beat her and made her remove her Hijab. She is being charged with filing a false police report.

Now these hoaxes are certainly not confined to Islam. Theres the sentencing last March of former Northwestern University students, Matthew Kafker and Anthony Morales. These gentleman, one of Jewish descent and the Son of a Massachusetts Judge and another of Hispanic descent attended a very privileged institution. Kafker and Morales decided to Spray paint a Chapel on University campuses with Swastikas, Racist, homophobic, and islamophobia material.

And the kicker in all this is they also spray painted the name “Trump” on the Chapels stairs.

Now we could just simply dismiss this as anti-Trump bigotry trying to gin up more anti-Trump bigotry in an election year after a divisive race. But this problem has been going on for a while with many high profile campus rape cases turning out to be hoaxes with the slightest of investigation. (Duke Lacrosse, Rolling Stone University of Virginia to name two off the top of my head)

But look at the diversity in the above groups: what makes two privileged individuals go out and vandalize a church with denigrations against their own people? What causes women to fabricate non existent sexual assault charges? What causes a Muslim woman to smear her fellow Americans and attempt to gin up hatred?

What is the tie that binds all this together?

A Victims Mindset.

A poverty complex.

Imagining a world so horrible that you must go out and literally create the dysfunction you are certain exists but haven’t actually seen.

Now, before you suggest I’m claiming bigotry and sexual assaults aren’t occurring I am certainly not. Its entirely possible for a “Trump Supporter” to force a Muslim woman to remove her hijab. Its possible for racist to spray paint “trump” in a church or for a woman to be raped on what she intended to be an innocent first date. But claiming these things happen TO YOU, when they do not, apart from taking away from actual victims who struggle to be believed when they swim in an ocean of hoaxes created be people with victim complexes, follows a self perpetuation of such victim hood . For these hoaxes to take place in the minds of the “victims” its not that these events DID happen to them but that it COULD happen to them. And then they interpret this reality so that even though they KNOW this didn’t happen to them they BELIEVE these events happened to them. Certainly psychological projection is an accessory to this deception. People ascribe to their perceived “enemies” the dysfunction in their own minds.

The first lie they tell is to themselves.

I try not to get mad at these people. They are still “victims” despite their attempted deception.

They are victims of the victim mindset.

And that’s an awful handicap to have to go through life…


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