The Truce to end all Truces

A little over a century ago today, in a not well enough known story, hostilities temporarily ceased within the War to end all wars (which obviously didn’t end all wars). Truth be told all sides at that time thought the little dust up in Europe started in August would be over by Christmas 1914.

It started simply enough with German Troops singing “Silent Night”. They were soon joined by their enemy combatants, Scottish bagpipers cordially joining in defying the call to war just as their kilts defied the December cold. Along the Frozen Western Front, French, British Scottish (and some conscripts from Far away India and Nepal) and opposing German troops extracted themselves from their trenches and dugouts, approaching cautiously at first then eagerly, across so called No Man’s Land where comrades had fallen and the destruction of war was born. Greetings and handshakes were exchanged as were gifts. German souvenirs that ordinarily would have been obtained only through death – such as spiked pickelhaube helmets, or Gott mit uns belt buckles – were bartered for similar British trinkets. Carols were sung in German, English, and French. Good natured ribbing was also bantered about. A few photographs were taken of British and German officers standing alongside each other, unarmed, in No Man’s Land.

And then the unthinkable among bitter rivals happened. Without higher military sanction a friendly match of football broke out between English and German forces. Generals said nothing as the fight was ceased for cordial activities. Although not everyone kept quiet.

“Such a thing should not happen in wartime…Have you no German sense of honor left at all?” groused an unknown at the time whiney little fuck of a Corporal.

Considering the speaker this was to be expected. Adolph Hitler was always a Asshole.

Christmas night shots started to ring out reminding the suddenly coordial soldiers that they were still at war and within a week Hostilities roared as if they never ceased. Unfortunately the Spirit of Christmas Hitler won, then and tragically into the future as the seeds of future wars were tragically laid during the first world war.

I always think of this story on Christmas Day, the day Christians celebrate as the Birth of their Prince of Peace. Christianity spread from the Holy land, seeded upon the rocks and crags of Golgotha, where the blood of the sacrificial lamb was spilled. To this day, near that site in Jerusalem, three major religions exist in hostile truce marked by all too frequent bloodshed. It was from this hostile incubator that the LOGOS λόγος of Christianity spread; ideas centered on the trinity virtues of Love, Truth and Fraternity, ideas in search of a people, which it eventually found in its most receptive audience in the hardy stock of European men of the North. There has always been a word for So Called European wing of Western Civilization: Christendom.

When I think of today I always ask: What if…

What if Christendom didn’t resume its attricious slaughter of itself after the Christmas Truce 102 years ago Today?

No treaty of Versailles or Rise of Hitlers National Socialism from a decimated Germany?
No collapse of Czarist Russia into the ghastly Soviet Union?
No Spread of Communism and the horrors it unleashed on the world?
No Imperialist American empire that felt that all too often felt it necessary to turn to the Dark side to stop communism?

Of course hindsight teaches us that if we knew then what we knew now we might have stopped the most horrific aspects of the 20th century from happening. Maybe if more people knew of the Christmas truce along the Western Front 102 years ago today, learning from our mistakes and more importantly living within that spirit, we can have that peace.

That’s what the Prince of peace whose birth is celebrated today would have wanted, not just for his people, but for all good people who desired the Peace he preached.

Merry Christmas Everyone. And yes I mean everyone 😉


The Mindset of the Aggrieved…

I have a confession, of sorts, to make.

You know how I have a propensity for telling funny stories? Now they definitely happened, I was there, but creative license is employed and when you’re reading about my adventures you are reading them through a certain filter. Call it the Piper Filter.

Do you know how I know creative license was employed in the retelling of these stories? Simple. I’m giggling my ass of when I am typing them out when I was NOT laughing when the shit was going down in real time. 😁

How does this happen? We see reality, like everyone else, but we INTERPRET it differently based on our Mindset. Mindset being the “set of assumptions, methods, or notations held by one or more people or groups of people that is so established that it creates a powerful incentive within these people or groups to continue to adopt or accept prior behaviors, choices, or tools.” (Cernovich, Mike – The Gorilla Mindset)

There are different mindsets one can have. I have one that sees humor and joy in everything, which can (and has) gotten me in trouble at funerals. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least bit if seeing humor in everything (The Humor Mindset) was a coping mechanism for early childhood shit that went down. Laughing at things, after all, is pretty empowering.

There are other types of Mindsets as well. Motivational gurus will talk about having an Abundance mindset, a Fear mindset, a Fixed vs. Growth Mindset. etc.
Obviously it is beneficial to go through life with a more positive mindset.

And there are other stories like this unfortunate incident which highlights a much worse mindset.This Muslim College student was on the LIRR when three Drunken “Trump Supporters” attacked her and pulled off her Hijab.

A hoax. All made up.

This comes after an incident last month in Lafeyette Louisiana when A young Muslim woman claiming that nebulous “Trump Supporters” beat her and made her remove her Hijab. She is being charged with filing a false police report.

Now these hoaxes are certainly not confined to Islam. Theres the sentencing last March of former Northwestern University students, Matthew Kafker and Anthony Morales. These gentleman, one of Jewish descent and the Son of a Massachusetts Judge and another of Hispanic descent attended a very privileged institution. Kafker and Morales decided to Spray paint a Chapel on University campuses with Swastikas, Racist, homophobic, and islamophobia material.

And the kicker in all this is they also spray painted the name “Trump” on the Chapels stairs.

Now we could just simply dismiss this as anti-Trump bigotry trying to gin up more anti-Trump bigotry in an election year after a divisive race. But this problem has been going on for a while with many high profile campus rape cases turning out to be hoaxes with the slightest of investigation. (Duke Lacrosse, Rolling Stone University of Virginia to name two off the top of my head)

But look at the diversity in the above groups: what makes two privileged individuals go out and vandalize a church with denigrations against their own people? What causes women to fabricate non existent sexual assault charges? What causes a Muslim woman to smear her fellow Americans and attempt to gin up hatred?

What is the tie that binds all this together?

A Victims Mindset.

A poverty complex.

Imagining a world so horrible that you must go out and literally create the dysfunction you are certain exists but haven’t actually seen.

Now, before you suggest I’m claiming bigotry and sexual assaults aren’t occurring I am certainly not. Its entirely possible for a “Trump Supporter” to force a Muslim woman to remove her hijab. Its possible for racist to spray paint “trump” in a church or for a woman to be raped on what she intended to be an innocent first date. But claiming these things happen TO YOU, when they do not, apart from taking away from actual victims who struggle to be believed when they swim in an ocean of hoaxes created be people with victim complexes, follows a self perpetuation of such victim hood . For these hoaxes to take place in the minds of the “victims” its not that these events DID happen to them but that it COULD happen to them. And then they interpret this reality so that even though they KNOW this didn’t happen to them they BELIEVE these events happened to them. Certainly psychological projection is an accessory to this deception. People ascribe to their perceived “enemies” the dysfunction in their own minds.

The first lie they tell is to themselves.

I try not to get mad at these people. They are still “victims” despite their attempted deception.

They are victims of the victim mindset.

And that’s an awful handicap to have to go through life…

The Politically incorrect guide to Russian Non-hacking of the Election:

Back in the days after Russia, donor to the Clinton foundation, magically acquired 20% of US Uranium production through “legal” means under the watch of Secretary of State Clinton Mother Russia also cut a deal with Syrian Leader Bashar Al-Assad to allow an Iran pipeline to go through Syria in exchange for favorable OPEC votes & cash.

Now the state department, previously worried about Russia acquiring this uranium as it would box out US production and Russia’s supply of energy to Europe, worried a Russia supported pipeline would consolidate Russian influence of Europe.

Meanwhile Good buddies and Gulf partners Saudi Arabia and Qatar would prefer to send a Qatar pipeline through the Saudi Kingdom and through Syria which would then move on its way to Europe.

Now despite Previous Russian money flowing into the Clinton foundation (and the Clintons personal Bank account via Russia’s Renesaince Bank) the Clintons were greatly concerned about the following: Namely while Russia had previously donated in great amounts to the CF: Quatar & Saudis donated to the Clinton foundation more recently and with more cash.

This is a conflict of Interest Clinton style, Russia paid us for this back then but our Gulf allies are paying us more right now.

Besides Russia having expanded influence over Europe is terrifying to Diminishing Global Empire, Uncle Sam. But US interest, regardless of nobility or vileness, always take a back seat to Clinton Cash.

In exchange for the “what have you donated lately” plan the CIA was dispatched to Syria where the CIA was behind a staged Arab spring uprising to attempt to topple Assad, because he was blocking the Qatar/Turkey pipeline plan.

This of course lead to the Syrian civil war and the humanitarian refugee crisis.

It also lead to the John McCain/Lyndsey Graham supported arming of “Moderate” rebel opposition who go by the names of Alqaeda and ISIS.

5 years later the tide is turning in Syria as Aleppo has been retaken by Syrian forces and President Elect Trump has vowed to fight alongside latest arch Devil Vladimir Putin in the destruction of ISIS.

Now who is upset by all this:

1. The Saudis who should probably ask for a refund as HRC breach of bribery is evident.

2. Madam Hillary – With Jeff Sessions leading the Justice department it’s a little bit more difficult to stare down the barrel of an investigation when your friends (or Husband the President) can’t influence the outcome.

3. Asshole republicans: War mongering neocons like McCain and Graham take in huge donations to grease the war machine. Donors don’t like when donors don’t get.

4. Central Intelligence. Don’t let people tell you that the CIA is some benign clandestine service keeping you safe at night. From its inception during the dark days of the disgusting Dulles brothers the role of the CIA has been the subversion of democracy everywhere that US hegemony was threatened. From coup attempts, to assassinations, to torture to drug running the CIA has had a very dark history which has not benefited you in the slightest. It’s fitting that the continued crack up of the regresive left would now include taking the word of the CIA as sanctified gospel after years of correctly admonishing their tactics. And if there is an agency that could use a little swamp drainery it’s the Boys in Langley which is why they are floating this Russian Conspiracy Bullshit.

5-1A. Have I mentioned the Vile Saudi Arabians yet? With diminished access to European Markets, expanding US Oil production and… the kicker in all of this.. . Trumps nomination of Rex Tillerson, the CEO of Exxon Mobil and Putin friend, is pretty much a giant Fuck You to the Saudi regime and their benefactors in the CIA.

With diminished Saudi influence we might be able to get them to hold up their end of the bargain on that whole “human rights” issue, such as stop torturing women, executing homosexuals, and permitting slavery.

Russia did not “Hack” the election. Trump beat the establishment. The Bush/RNC the Clinton/DNC the Bullshit Inc. media that is desperately flailing in an attempt to maintain power.

And when the CIAs soft coup fails he will have one more scalp to add to the collection…

Bullshit Inc. covers #Pizzagate

Back in 2004-2005 we heard the disheartening news that one of our supervising clinicians was arrested in an FBI undercover sting.

In the largest infiltration to NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) ever less than 10 people were arrested. The FBI set up a fake travel agency with the intention of capturing pedophiles who were going to go to Mexico for sex tourism.

My clinician was not going on the trip but befriended one of the undercover agents and handed him a CD rom full of 5,000 child pornography pictures. That represents around 10GB of data.

Remember this was the largest infiltration into a pedophile group US law enforcement had ever encountered. 10 people and a CD was recovered.

And then there’s Norway.

In one of the largest child sex abuse cases in history a year-long special investigation called “Operation Darkroom” resulted in the seizure of 150 terabytes of data material in the form of photos, movies and chat logs containing atrocities against children as young as infancy, Norwegian police announced at a news conference in late November.

Among the 51 perpetrators (so far) said to be involved, 20 have been arrested. The list of the accused includes “highly educated” individuals, including two former or current elected politicians, one teacher, a lawyer and a police officer.

150 TB which is 150,000 GB of Data was captured. Too put it another way that is a little Under 6 years of Continuous child sex Videos.

The AP ran this story on its wire and Bullshit Inc. luminaries, The Washington Post and New York Times ran the stories as well but now you can’t find them on its websites.

Nothing to see here. Literally.

When bullshit inc mentions pedophilia these days they do so in the hopes of “debunking” as “fake news” the tragically misnamed scandal which should be nicknamed “Pedogate”.

Now BS Inc. is trying to debunk this as a “right wing conspiracy ” but us long time conspiracy theorists (Non Bullshit Believers) who have noticed the patterns of history and have been right more than wrong have noticed similarities that transcend partisan politics. The Saville case in the U.K., The Dutreoux Case in Belgium, which have been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, and the “Conspiracy” of the Franklin case in Nebraska which ensnared mostly Republicans in the late 80s.

These rings exist, obviously, as there is a perverse demand for this material.

The question is are high level officials involved (through the administering or entrapment of blackmail), which would explain how these rings operate On such a grand scale. It would also explain why the suck up media organs of Bullshit Inc. are trying to conceal rather than cover these stories.

Bullshit Inc., which had no problems Trumpeting fake news about President Elect Trump being accused of raping a 13 year old in a repeatedly dropped court case, will tell you that they are merely using discretion in their reporting. Bullshit Inc. is nothing if not consistent in their full of shitness.

As their ever lowering credibility sinks the influence of the Alt-media rises. And with that comes the greatest chance in my lifetime of seeing an end to this nightmare…