Tyrannical stupid dispatches from Northern North America

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the passing of other world leaders:

“We are saddened to hear of the passing of Il Duce Mussolini. His commitment to locomotive punctuality was unrivaled.”

“Sophie and I were saddened to hear of the passing of Fuhrer Hitler. His tremendous work on behalf German industrialization pales in comparison to his suicide awareness platform.”

“We grieve for the loss of Comrade Stalin and his country. He will be fondly remembered for his agricultural reforms and anti-obesity campaigns in the Ukraine.”

Now that isn’t entirely accurate of what that Canadian Kewpie doll said.

The leftist prime minister heaped praise on Cubas long time communist dictator.

Now the right has its dictators as well. But the right supports dictators when they make money off of them the left supports dictators on purely ideological purposes, often ignoring human atrocities.

There is a case to be made that you can’t look at Castro’s deplorable “left wing” regime without understanding it through the lens of Americas “Right wing” Imperialism.

America has certainly supported dictators who viciously suppressed their own populace in order to bring in western corporations to enrich a privileged political elite. Usually the Communist and socialist revolutionaries who take power cut out the western corp middle man and “Nationalize” industry for the people which leads to viciously suppressed country men and the enrichment of a privileged political elite.

“Right wing Capitalism” or “Left wing socialism” is the difference between a turd burger and a steaming Shit taco to the unlucky subjects of resource rich countries.

Now while the right doesn’t bend over backwards to defend the honor of dead dictators like Mussolini or the Duvaliers the left can not heap enough praise on the Castros and the Stalins and the Mao’s of the world. Their desire to control history and explain away why Marx’s workers paradise hasn’t manifested yet prohibit them from honestly assessing the genocides of their leaders. After all it’s an accident that “Real” (Communism/Socialism) hasn’t been tried yet.

When Trudeau defends a murderous dictator because of universal healthcare or literacy rates while ignoring genocide and the creation of millions of refugees he does profound injustice to the legitimate causes of progressive justice. There are left wing governments with excellent education systems. There are governments with socialized healthcare systems that the people rave about.

More importantly these countries, like the Scandinavian countries and, well, Canada show that you can attempt certain socialized programs and you don’t have to resort to genocide and torture if the populace can be honestly persuaded, and not coerced, to seek these goals. Trudeau should have delivered a carefully worded statement similar to what President Obama did that didn’t praise the leader but understood the conflicts of the Cubans on both sides of the Florida Straits.

No Canadians scaling walls or rafting in predator infested water, trying to escape some unbearable hell hole. He looked to his ideology for guidance and not simply looked out a window before praising the impeachable…


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