They doth protest about the Lady too much…

Why Billy Clinton it looked like someone walked over your grave – Channeling Doc Holliday

Do you see that look? That is the look of a man who has a rendezvous with responsibility. The look of a man who effortlessly sexually abused and assaulted women to have his handlers (and his wife) scurry out to attack his accusers and clean up his shit.

20 or so years ago some smart ass noticed an emerging double standard. That smartass foresaw the day in which women might be verbally or physically abused with little consequence.

The Democrats and the left, who previously told us that ANYTHING unbecoming towards a woman was unacceptable, threw the baby out with the bath water with this little rascal. For the benefit of temporary political power they excused the most egregious of his sexual misconduct.

Monica Lewinsky? MLK, FDR, JFK all great men of history have had consensual affairs. Europe is laughing about how prudish we are.

Paula Jones? She’s just lying trailer trash. Besides even if the allegations are true that he pulled his pants down wagged his dick in her face and told her to “kiss it” its not like he physically touched her. Besides she got a promotion, its not sexual harassment without a hostile workplace.

Kathleen Willey? Yes maybe Bill Clinton kissed her, grabbed her tits and forced her hands onto his dick but when she protested he let her go. “One free grope” and all, a policy espoused by Gloria Fucking Steinem to demonstrate the highest sancion they gave ole Billy for his behavior.

Juanita Broaderick? Well even if Bill bit her lip and used tortuous techniques to rape her this allegation was never “proven” and was a long time ago. So its immaterial. Might as well “put some ice on that.”

Instead of holding to a standard the Democrats decided to move the goal posts on what sexual impropriety consisted of, permanently altering the discourse all to hold temporary political power. They even went as far as to argue that MORALITY AND CRIMINALITY WERE IRRELEVANT TO THE FUNCTION OF POLITICAL OFFICE. (The “The economy is good look, at his job performance numbers, well he kept abortion legal” defense).

And now, 20 years after dumbing down the definition of sexual impropriety they criticize Trump saying he is unfit for office because of his treatment of women.

Oh really? On what grounds? By what standards?

The standards used by the man married to your current Democratic nominee?

LOL! (History lesson, this term became huge during the Clinton presidency).

Imagine having so little credibility on the topic of sexual impropriety that you can’t even seize the moral high ground when some asshole says you can “grab women by the Pussy.”

In one fell swoop Trump demonstrated the rank hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance of the left.

You should have listened to that young smart ass 20 years ago.

He was not just a student of history but a lover of irony 😉