A Basket of Depends…

Despite being a Yuge fan of the Battering RAM on Acid known as the Trump presidential campaign I remain very much skeptical as to the potential virtue of a Trump Presidency. As a Ron Paul guy I don’t see eye to eye with much of Trump’s politics but am greatly appreciative of the wrecking ball he took to the Bush/Koch brothers death grip they held on the Republican party (and America)

On the other side you have Madam Hillary, an ambulatory superfluous blob of deceit and corruption in a pants suit. Today, in the greatest insult on the other parties voters since Al Gore’s “extra-chromosome right wing” Hillary said “half” of Trump’s supporters could fit into a “Basket of Deplorables…Some of those folks — they are irredeemable, but thankfully they are not America.”

When presidential candidates announce that they wish to unite the country and be president for all Americans it isn’t surprising that a woman who draws remarkably low turnouts at rallies for a major party candidate and prefers the company of oligarchs to the proletariat would once again degrade the humanity of the little people she holds in such contempt.

Now we all know The Donald has a weapons grade mouth that sputters inanity on a buzz cycle yet this is partially understandable considering his Queens upbringing and his being on the news every single day. It was, after all, successful in securing his parties nominee for his long shot candidacy.

The Clinton campaign has (wisely) sheltered Hillary from the Public, from a lack of news conferences to heavy restrictions on debates and press questions they have hid her from the public eye. Reason being that, going back to when she was first lady of Arkansas, the more you see of her the less you like.

There have been many theories to why this is: Misogyny, sexism, the patriarchy, the general evil of the vast conspiratorial extra-chromosome right wing but being a fan of Occam’s razor I offer the simplest explanation: She’s a despicable, elitist Cunt who cannot contain her contempt for the people who have been propagandized into believing that if they don’t love her it is because they are sexist pigs and not astute judges of Character.

Despite the race being Neck and Neck and a virtual tie in many of the important Battleground states this isn’t a good place to be for Team Clinton. Trump, despite having high negatives, has an enthusiastic and energized base that fills arenas now and will bring the Thunder on Election day. The Democrats strategy of rigging their nomination process to elevate a contemptible, corrupt demi-criminal with equally high negatives may come back to bite them in the ass.

Hillary may hob nob with the 1% but Buffet and Bloomberg can only vote so often. She needs to show the people she doesn’t give a shit about that she gives a shit about them.

Which might make now the perfect time to whip up that basket of those cookies she previously refused to bake…


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