Dancing on the grave is better than digging it.

Progressives took time out of there candle light vigil for their criminally ill candidate yesterday to dance on the grave of Phyllis Schlafly, showing again that its not just the Westboro Baptist Church that knows how to get down at a funeral.

If you are not familiar with Ms. Schlafly that’s OK, it was before your time. Luckily the left has a long memory with whom they wish to destroy.

Schlafly was 92 years old and is probably the last few of a dying breed of Culturally Christian Conservatives. Despite endorsing Trump several months ago, it is perhaps symbolic that she fades into eternity in the first Presidential election in which The Christian rights imprimatur did not go 100% on the Eventual Republican nominee.

The diabolical crime that she did that deserves rapid and horrible death is her 1970’s support for the defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment, which stated goal was the “equality” of men and women. This Amendment was debated for half a century and was at times opposed by factions as diverse¬†as conservative groups, liberal groups, Ms. Schlafly and even the liberal Saint Eleanor Roosevelt opposing it for varying reasons. These reasons the bill were opposed was varied as some felt that it would give women more rights than men while some felt that it would take away workplace protections of women. Some even felt that this amendment would have opened women up to selective service, ie. The Draft.

Which is to say that when we get down to brass tacks the Equal Rights Amendment like every other piece of clap trap that originates in the bowels of political sausages grinders was an ambiguous piece of shit that could be interpreted in anyway it needed to be depending on who was donning the black robe that day.

Despite the wide range of descent on the appropriateness of the bill Shafly opposed the ERA for the worst reason of all, her belief that men and women were not “Equal” but separate and distinct sexes and that it wasn’t a woman’s job to do everything a man can do, but to do the things he can’t do. In other words mans laws could not undue natural law and biology.

If that didn’t go over well during the Nixon Administration how do you think it goes over today?

So the left took glee in the fact that a 92 year old woman died because “she made millions of people miserable.” Well she is certainly guilty of that particular charge.

As has Barack Obama. As did George W. Bush. As did Bill Clinton. (Although I would argue on a much larger scale for those three rascals).

That is the nature of this thing called politics. Politics is, after all, to quote eminent leftist Vladimir Lenin “Who does what to Whom.” Those who achieve political power makes the lives of those who disagree miserable.

And Shafly certainly did annoy the shit out of some NOW bra burners back in the day.

But still celebrating the death of a political adversary, especially one whose influence has waned in recent decades is a bit obnoxious.

For starters everyone, from a biological standpoint, deserves to die, its going to happen as the bell does toll for all of us. And based on life expectancy 92 years is outrunning the Grim Reaper by a good decade plus. But sitting here thinking she deserves to die for conservative christian principles is like saying that Ted Kennedy was cheated out of life despite a lifetime of stall worth liberalism and that Barack Obama will achieve eternal life for the Affordable care act.

Nope. Not how it works. You die because its time to go.

But the part that is really chilling with the lefts celebration of political oppositions death is that they feel they DESERVE to die for their positions.

We need not remind the left, that the greatest genocides of the 20th century, from Stalin to Mao to the tunes of 100’s of millions of souls were done on ideological grounds, IE what people BELIEVED or more importantly that they didn’t believe enough in what those in power believed.

Now I have some pretty pronounced beliefs rooted in human liberty that are considered left wing that differed from the conservative Ms. Schlafly. She supported Government restriction of Abortion and legislation against Gays doing whatever the hell it is that gays do and She was Hawkish while I am anti-war.

But I will not celebrate her death.

I will however celebrate the fact that she died peacefully in her home and not in some gulag that her ideological opponents believe she belonged and I will strive¬†for a world in which they never achieve power again…


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