Truth, like Bodies, Must Always be Buried

In perhaps the surrealist point in the entire election (which is to say A LOT)  Wikileaks Luminary Julian Assange came out today and essentially implied that a murdered DNC staffer, 27 Year Old Seth Rich, was the source in the DNC leaks case:

Julian Assange: Whistleblowers go to significant efforts to get us material and often very significant risks. As a 27 year-old, works for the DNC, was shot in the back, murdered just a few weeks ago for unknown reasons as he was walking down the street in Washington.

Reporter: That was just a robbery, I believe. Wasn’t it?

Julian Assange: No. There’s no finding. So… I’m suggesting that our sources take risks.

To really drive the point home Assange and Wikileaks are offering $20K USD for information leading to the conviction of Rich’s murderer.

Well someone owes Putin an apology.

Now this brings us face to face with the Holy of holy of Clinton conspiracy theories the Infamous “Clinton Body Count”: The theory that people who are close to the Clintons with the “Goods” on them were being snuffed out.

When your political careers have been financed by drug dealers, gun runners, money launderers and other nefarious persons it’s not uncommon to have perceived enemies (and innocent bystanders) dying by the wayside. This makes the Rich case so interesting: walking home an early Sunday morning while talking to his girlfriend on the phone he was murdered in a still unsolved case.  Its been classified as a Robbery but nothing was stolen except for his life. Perhaps his silence was all the murderous “thieves” wanted.

Was Seth Rich the leaker in the DNCleaks case which demonstrated the Democrats rigging a nomination for the benefit of Madam Hillary?

If so was he murdered to stop that information from coming to light?

Now lets stop for a minute because I know whats going through your heads.

If you are anti-lizard queen you’re saying at this point “Piper stop typing goddamn it, she is going to have you killed!”

On the other claw if your amygdala is receptive to reptilian rule your Cognitive dissonance monkey is pounding symbols in your head to drown out the scary implications of A Lizard Queen ordered assassination.

Allow me to go off the beaten path,  I don’t think Hillary Clinton is ordering anyone’s death.

She’s not that capable an individual.

Besides the virtual dncleaks blackout (except as an excuse to bash Putin) what the media is also not showing you is a old woman who is losing her cognitive function, demonstrated by her inability to climb stairs or stand up for long periods of times unassisted, spacing out at her well scripted rallies where she loses track of her boilerplate speeches and small seizures seemingly connected to her documented brain injuries from several years ago.  In the DNC leaks emails Hillary’s long time assistant, Huma Abedin, stated that Hillary is “often confused”.  Like Mixing Ex-lax with the Hot Chocolate “confused” is the term my brother and I used when Grandma couldn’t figure out why the ceiling fan remote wasn’t changing the channel on the TV to “Her Program” >=).

This woman cant order a pizza let alone a hit.

Unfortunately people are still dying around her suspiciously. (and not just Mr. Rich, apparently)

Which gets us to not what is Hillary capable of but what she represents and to whom.

To some she is an inspiration for women everywhere or the great defender of humanity against the thundering Trumpernaut while others see her as the epitome of all that which is evil ruthlessly slaughtering foe and former friends alike.  In this regard she is as normal as any politician as she is none of these things. We are simply projecting our own hopes and fears onto her.

However what she does represent is a bought and paid for kept woman to the Oligarchy and this race is a little too close for comfort as the Oligarchy prefers to have presidential elections in the kitty before the debates: Obama Vs. Romney, Obama Vs. McCain, Bush Vs. Kerry, you get the picture. No matter who loses they win.

The Media/Military/Industrial/Congressional/Corporate/Banking/Financial/Bullshit Industrial complex which has been churning out deceit, debt, death, and destruction for years doesn’t like the Trump card. For all the seemingly legitimate reasons you may hate him the Oligarchy hasn’t bought and paid for for him yet, which is his greatest sin. Now maybe he can be bribed/blackmailed/threatened like any other politician, appealing to his lusts or avarice or just his ego to bring him to heel, but judging by who is getting the small money donations Vs. the Super Pac loot its not looking likely.

Really why risk it all on a wild card like Trump when Hillary has a long consistent history of Felatiolgarchy™  (Trademark ™ Pending) and is as sure a bet to be the Fluffer in Chief. The Oligarchy NEEDS her to continue their Plunder of humanity as she is their guaranteed cash cow.  Now if only they can just drag that wheezing carcass over the oval Office Seal so that the privileged piggys can feast at the trillion dollar trough.

We can call the Oligarch game plan from here on out:  the media will seize upon every anti-trump thing they can.  “Respected Republican” leaders (nefarious neocon Holdovers from the Bush Administration) on board the gravy train will condemn Trump and support Hillary. “Intelligence Officials” whose budgets depend upon perpetual war and surveillance will say Trump is reckless in foreign policy.  The media will cover up seizures and blackouts and gaffes of the lizard Queen.  Bullshit will rise as the truth is buried.

And perhaps, as the case may be for the Late Mr. Rich, knowing where the bodies are buried will make you among the bodies which are buried…


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