Swimming in the Cup of Hypocrisy

I have been surrounded by Chinese Medicine my entire career and have seen results ranging from good to amazing both when I used it and when patients utilized it. This is why I barely batted an eyelash when I saw the cupping marks on Michael Phelps.

Now when I moved to Indonesia they had this therapy where you scratch the shit out of yourself with a dirty coin to heal anything and everything. The next day you have bruised scratches along your back that makes cupping look like a hickey. I did it once when I had the flu and it “worked” in the effect that it probably excited an inflammatory immune response that sped up relief from the flu symptoms, with symptoms being classified more correctly as bodies state of intense healing.

Best therapy ever? Doubtful but no harm no foul.

Now the evidence based geniuses who gave us Bextra and Vioxx because a Rat in the study didn’t die (initially) are saying that there is no “evidence” that Cupping “works”, which is a broad sweeping open ended statement. What does that mean?

In Pharmacooslavia the definition of “works” is “does this chemical formula (Increase/Decrease) central nervous system function thereby alleviating this malady and/or symptom?”

Now if in that non specific process of introducing chemicals (Drugs) to a dynamic system (your body) you may also tweak something else unintentionally which is refereed to as a “side effect”. Short of extreme disability or death (cough cough Vioxx) it’s still considered effective and brought to market. It’s considered to have “worked”.

Now that’s not to shit on drugs, drugs are life saving and beneficial in many if not most cases. But the standard model attempts a one sized fits all policy based on physiological effects as definition of “evidence of working” even when different people RESPOND differently to different drugs, similar to how people can have different initial responses to Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic, Dirty coin rubbing etc.

But the thing that really peaked my interest in writing the Phelps post is that this isn’t some double blind placebo study, this is people on the sidelines shit talking about the health decisions of another human being.

A human being who happens to be the best ever on the planet in what he does, doing a medical treatment which he feels works. What’s the problem?

Now I try not to put unflattering characterizations to my ideological opponents ( 🙂 ) but I just have this vision of this fat guy with jowls and waddling up to a podium waving medical studies while screaming “THERES NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER THAT MICHAEL PHELPS IS GETTING ANY BENEFITS FROM THIS PSEUDO SCIENCE THERAPY AND ITS DANGEROUS FOR PEOPLE TO (pauses to emphasize outrage) FOREGO PROVEN MEDICAL TREATMENT FOR UNSCIENTIFIC NONSENSE.”

Meanwhile Homeboy just won his 20th Olympic gold.

Cupping obviously isn’t hurting him. And if it is his coaches and trainers should be the only ones Bitching …


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