Regressives don’t love Chachi

Last week at the RNC MSNBC Anchorwomen Tamron Hall took Happy Days actor Scott Baio (Chachi!!!) to task for retweeting (ie hitting a button) pictures that were critical of Michelle Obama’s looks, and one of a Banner where Madam Hillary is blocking a few letters and the letters C (space) NT being seen. (Some imagination required)

Now having never been a fan of Mrs. Obama she IS an attractive women and selecting a shitty photo of someone who has thousands of photos of them taken is not only sophomoric but cruel and uncalled for.

As for Mrs. Clinton well, you know, that’s unfortunate 🙂.

Now the part that I only and ultimately give a shit about is hypocrisy. Chachi retweeted Vulgar content and is taken to task as he is responsible for his behavior.

But what is mentioned about the online abuse that Mrs. Trump (Whore, Bimbo, slut) is taking for “retweeting” parts of a speech that Mrs. Obama gave in 2008? Besides Crickets. Abuse of attractive ladies aligned with the right (See: Palin, Sarah) is allowed to continue unmolested.

But let’s really cut the Bullshit here. If Tamron Hall were to REALLY strike a blow for the “war on women” she would have a nice chat with the Democratic parties nominee, who if we recall is married to a serial abuser of women.

“Mrs. Clinton what do you have to say about Juanita Broaddricks accusation that your husband Brutally raped her while he was the Attorney General of Arkansas?”

“Secretary Clinton what do you say about the multiple women who have accused your husband of exposing himself to and in pointing to his penis told these women to “kiss it”?”

“Madam Secretary why did your husband travel in the personal jet of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to Mr. Epsteins personal residence where allegations of sex with underage girls occurred. Madam Secretary, Mr. Epstein has donated 3.5 million to the Clinton Foundation and has publicly claimed to have helped found the foundation, what is the nature of the Clinton Foundations relationship currently with Mr. Epstein?”

“Hillary why the fuck is the Clinton Foundation taking money from corrupt regimes which shit on the human rights of women and engage in human trafficking.”

Now Hall can bust Chachi’s balls but I wouldn’t hold your breathe on that interview with Madam Hillary.

This is because the media loves to engage in multiple narratives, namely that the first female president will be good for woman, even as she has enabled, through her husband and her foundations fundraising, the systematic abuse of actual women.

This can all be brushed aside because she’s good on “women’s issues”, which in a career of flip-flopping means she resolutely supports Abortion, an issue that hasn’t moved in 45 years and isn’t going anywhere in twice that amount of time.

Now as a begrudging supporter of a women’s abortion rights something tells me I wouldn’t get as much leeway with the media if I caused the tangible harm to real women that the Clintons have done.

That’s the lesson from the media and the left: As long as you support 100% their theoretical philosophy then you can engage in tangible harm to ACTUAL human beings.

In any case Mrs. Clinton should show up at the Convention in a fetal parts stained surgical smock to avoid having to answer any tough questions about how her and her husband’s behavior has actually affected women…


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