When all thats left of Science isn’t Right

Sarah Palin has a journalism degree and was a sports reporter in Wasilla, Alaska. Being a sports reporter she no doubt spent some nights seated at the news desk next to the weatherman who I hope has a degree in meteorology. If so than that makes her as much of a scientist as Bill Nye and probably more qualified to speak on climate change.

Nye has a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering and has published as many scientific papers as Palin and I which is zero. Nye is considered the “science guy” because it rhymes with his name and because he was a loveable nerd straight from central casting with his bow tie and his pleasant demeanor with kids.

His real rise to “relevance” came when he started heckling people with who he POLITICALLY disagrees with by embracing left wing science, which is to say pronounce something is true, and demand that all debate should end and brow beat those who insist upon the process of the scientific method.

This has lead to spectacular failures on Nye’s part.

Nye made an ass out of himself when he fucked up a basic embryology lesson while chastising anti-abortion rights activists. This is understandable for a mechanical engineer as he is more qualified to design the Vacuum machine for the removal of the fetus than to actually comment on what’s being sucked out.

When what’s her name called out Nye recently he said he would debate her on the issue of global warming as he has already forgotten the last debate he had gotten into.

Nye actually lost a debate against another Non scientist named Ken Hamm who argues for Biblical creation and an earth that is 6,000 years old. Now the Washington Generals may beat the Harlem Globetrotters once in a blue moon but how the hell does the science guy consistently let his fans down.

It can be one of two things, or both.

1. The science is wrong.

2. The science guy is an idiot.

Now there is no shame in the science being wrong as it often leads to greater understanding. But science being wrong due to the suppression of debate is hardly science at all.

Nye has been elevated to relevance because he agrees with the left’s cultural narrative which often doesn’t rely on science as much as they would like to claim. Living in a bubble where science “is settled” and debate is seen as “giving an unnecessary platform to anti science kooks” one shouldn’t be surprised that when asked to clarify ones views the lack of previous criticism necessary to sharpen ones skills is absent. Absent that contrast that develops when you preach to the choir you end up with less lecturing and more surmonizing.

Fresh from his spectacular failure against a guy who thinks Jesus and dinosaurs were contemporaries Nye wants to take on a former sportscaster and beauty queen to a rigorous debate where the science of climate change is a lot harder to prove than if the earth is younger than some of the rocks and trees which inhabit it.

Considering Nye’s track record they will need to turn the thermostat up in a frozen Hell before he can win a global warming debate…