Disavowing the Games which they Play

Part of the purpose of this Blog is to get people to have a New way of seeing some of the old things or approaching the new things with a new Consciousness.
For this reason we will obviously not be giving the valued presidential endorsement.
Believing that human beings are divine souls: holographic fragments of the creator, aggregates of conscious energy, characterized by self-awareness and individualized consciousness, I do not feel that is compatible with “we need (fill in blank with human being) to get this country (imaginary lines in dirt separated by policy and taxation) back on track again.”
However as an individual quantum observer trying to manifest high vibrations on the low density mud patch of terra firma I can’t help but look at Politics as half entertainment and half litmus test of the inharmonic energies a bunch of half-baked quantum observers can produce while fucking with reality.
Nothing fucks with reality more than the insidious practice of politics, and the lens through which reality is distorted is the media. This is the reason, not endorsement or prediction why I will touch on these topics.

They have played the same game for so long, that we no longer realizes its actually an inharmonic board game. However sometimes people decide not to play by their rules.

In his latest “oh he fucked himself for good this time moment” progressives were changing the date and updating the obituary on The Trump campaign after he failed to clearly disavow KKK support that was thrown his way. Progressives, and some conservatives, of course, believe this is tacit support of racist policy and believe this is, again, the death-knell of his campaign.

And, again, the people who failed to see his rise, couldn’t understand his support, and are baffled by the continued momentum are wrong.

I’ll be happy to fill in the blanks.

In a Nation with 300 Million + people you are going to have your crazies. And this misguided misfit brigade of racists, polygamists, flat earthers, moonies, and scientology adherers are going to rally towards other wise legitimate causes. This does not invalidate someone’s work because someone of ill repute takes a liking to your views. After all the guy who shot Reagan… big Jodie Foster fan.

You would never know it but there are lunatics and outright felons who support progressive politicians. Democrats are never asked to disavow their nutjobs, even when they have offered EXPlCIT support.

Has Obama ever been asked by Main stream media to disavow Bill Ayers, an actual terrorist who probably Ghost wrote Obama’s books?

One of Hillary Clinton’s rascal of a husband biggest financial backers during the Arkansas glory years was a man named Dan Lasater. Lasater was an accused cocaine distributor who had Federal drug charges dropped in favor of state charges after negotiations between the feds and Little Rock. Lasater never spent a day in jail as Bill Clinton pardoned him. Has anyone in the media ever asked Slick Willy to disavow Dan Lasater?

I’ll save you the googling on the above answer, it’s NO.

Disavowal is only ever asked of republicans to accuse them of guilt by association.The media always suckers republicans by pulling some crazies who support them and asking them to “disavow” (fill in the blank with loathsome individuals) and Republicans, like the idiots they are, jump through the hoops, where the media uses the Candidates AKNOWLEDGMENT AND DISAVOWAL OF THE SUPPORT to FURTHER link crazies they HAD to disavow, confirming and habitually reinforcing that the crazies do in fact support them, and that if YOU support the same individual then you are probably a Batshit, crazy, puppy hating SOB yourself.

The media tried this with Trump and predictably they lost again.

Trump is the leading Ring Master in this dark carnival because he has controlled and SET the narrative, his OWN narrative, throughout this campaign. Trump, instead of lustily biting into the easy bait of disavowal, lied through his teeth and said I don’t know these people I can’t disavow people without knowing the entire story and if i know the entire story and it’s bad I’ll disavow them.

His clueless opponents heard:

“Um… oh Shit… Um… i won’t disavow them because I really really need the support of everybody, especially the racist voters.”

The idea that Trump “needs” the support of bigoted racists is nonsense. In his Super Tuesday Near sweep of the republican primaries shattered previous records. Are we to believe when millions upon millions more people show up to vote it’s a hidden phalanx of Klan members who didn’t Rock the Vote in 2012 because Mitt Romney wasn’t white enough for them?

No Trump didn’t disavow the Klan because he wasn’t going to play into the media’s narrative Trap.

So when we run the refusal to disavow through the Trump Translator we get:

“What? I’m not jumping through your hoops, this is MY narrative. Fuck you.”

So again when most Republicans would have sunk their campaign by groveling before the media to not call them racists, heartfully proclaiming that some of their best donors are Black Trump again flips the media on its head and shits down it’s mouth for good measure.

Which, again, is why he is winning….


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