The Thundering Juggernaut of Trumpness…

Sitting over here in solitary confinement in Asia I see that The Trumposphere Juggernaut continues to pick up steam. He trounced through Nevada winning amongst Evangelical Christians, and seemingly inexplicably Women and Hispanics, no doubt shocking for a those who has been calling the thrice married billionaire a Misogynistic Racist.

Many of my progressive (and conservative) friends are at a loss to explain all this and I will be all to happy to explain the phenomenon.

Those who are politically active have come to their opinions with reason and logic, without getting into the nitty gritty of whether that reason is correct or flawed. They have come to their beliefs over time based on experience, worldviews, and biases.

If you are pro-choice you don’t understand how one can be pro life, if you are pro-gun you are boggled by gun control activists. You will never understand those on the other side because you have come to your conclusions via another thought route.

While you have given more of a shit about “the issues” more people have tuned out being lost in their own little worlds. Politically astute people are NOT the majority. This fact is born out by the decreasing attendance at elections.

And along comes a Trump, a man who has turned self promotion into an art form a mixture of PT Barnum and Norman Vincent Peale.

He stands out and above his field not because his positions on the issues, whatever they may be, or because he is taping into a sinister undercurrent of fear and hate as his detractors claim but because he is head and shoulders above the guardians of the status quo who have caused this general malaise in the body public.

Can you really get excited about anyone else?

Cruz and Rubio? Beta Boys
Sanders? A gamma male
Clinton? For running on the “hey I have a vagina” platform she’s kind of a vaguely female shaped amorphous wad of possibly carbon based life (I offer nothing definitive about her humanity until I see her bleed, Copper Blue would shock me as much as ferrous red.)

And then come Trump, a thundering alpha gorilla who just doesn’t give a shit.

He is a throw back to when men weren’t neutered and women still wanted to bang the Star QB.

This is the emotion he is tapping into as he polls well in those demographics he isn’t supposed to as told to you by the people who told you he was finished months ago and are explaining why he keeps punching through those ceilings whose height he wasn’t supposed to reach.

I offer this as an observation, not an endorsement or a prediction (He will probably win) as I have no idea if he will be elected or if so if he will be “good” or “bad” as Chief executive.

But stop worrying so much, it’s been fun to watch and any carnage the man does wrought will be our fault anyway.

He didn’t come out of “nowhere”, the seeds of our own nemesis were planted long ago when we abandoned our responsibility to the dread ilk he is presently crushing…