On the Giving of Thanks

I have to apologize if this one comes off bitter, its not a tryptophan deficiency or being an anti-holiday asshole, but just some scatterings of thoughts that rang through my head as I was being wished a Happy Thanksgiving by those stateside. Honestly except for a brief mention by an expat this week (which I quickly forgot) and some Indonesians who spent time in the States, I forget that Thanksgiving was today.

For the first 36 revolutions of Planet Three around The Hyrdogen-Helium Orb I have had Turkey for Thanksgiving. Turkey is synonymous with Thanksgiving, so much so that its often refered to as Turkey Day. When I was a kid I thought you could only get Turkey on Thanksgiving and Christmas not realizing that the bird was available 365 days a year.

No longer a kid I have more adult traditions recently, Thanksgiving is usually marked every year by me drinking myself silly in 1st class on a Virgin America Airlines flight from LAX to JFK while watching Football. Land at JFK at 3:30 LIRR to Babylon walk in the door at 5:30 for dinner, engorge myself and pass out. Wake up Friday morning. Like a swiss clock every year.

I celebrated Thanksgiving today by going to work. This is note worty in and of itself as more and more Indonesians ask the question “Do you work?” I get the same question from my friends in the states. Truth be told I was asked that very question by my friends in the states when I was actually in the states so obviously I give off an aura of leisure.

How did my first meaningless Thanksgiving feel? Meaningless. The same feeling those in other parts of the world probably had during the feast of the Sacrifice.

This is understandable as Thanksgiving is, of course, traditionally associated with the America version and is not celebrated (save for the Snowbacks to the north) by any other nation on earth. There were always explanations behind how Thanksgiving started, the Pilgrims and the Indians before they started killing each other, and it becoming a national holiday by US President and Railroad Lobbyist Abraham Lincoln in 1863 in the midst of the slaughter between the states over Mr. Lincolns tariff, and not as commonly explained because Honest Abe couldn’t stand the thought of Black people working for free.

When I say shit like that (You know the truth) I usually have pejorative terms hurled at me, Conspiracy Theorist, Anti-Government etc. I never mind because I just choose to investigate things on my own, not accept a narrative as given to me. So a Conspiracy theorist is just a non Bullshit believer and It’s not that I’m anti –government its just that I am pro-awesome, and the Government sucks, but you never hear people in the media ask Government officials why they suck and if they are Anti-Piper. I’ve also never been much of a holiday guy, especially since I started waking up to reality as it truly is. That’s not a slight at other people’s beliefs that’s just a refusal to acquiesce my reality to others creations. What do I mean?

Say the word “Thanksgiving” and ask people what the first word that pops into their mind is.

“TURKEY!” will be at least 75% of the answers. This is by design. Somewhere (Probably those snowbacks in Canada) there are turkey farmers laughing their asses off.

Symbols are designed, carefully by people hell bent on manipulating you, to elicit a certain thought or feeling so that you can be controlled. That’s why corporations have logos. Its why religions have emblems. Its why countries have flags.

Most people are unwilling to seek and create their own interpretation of these symbols and will blindly accept definitions and connotations created by people whose job it is to easily manipulate populaces. This, again, is by design.

Which is why today didn’t mean much to me. I relocated to an environment where today’s symbolism held no meaning. I couldn’t be manipulated.

Now this is not to say that Thanksgiving is bad in and of itself, that you shouldn’t spend time with loved ones, or not thanks for some blessings you may have. Far from it, Thanksgiving was one of my favorite holidays. However it seems superfluous that only the people on a particular patch of dirt united by a flag and nothing else (Not a religion, nor philosophy, nor political affiliation nor creed) will give thanks on this one day a year, before trampling fuckers over a 50% off toaster in Walmart tomorrow.

So do ungrateful bastards like me give thanks? Every day. When I wake up at Noon till when I go to bed at 3:45 AM I give thanks not by verbally or mentally giving homage to my country, but by being a co-creator with my prime creator in this grand experiment called “Life”, and by using the Consciousness with which has been ensouled by said creator into this random collection of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus atoms better known as “Me”.

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody. Everyday 🙂


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