The Planes hit the towers, the targets were our minds.

14 years ago today the start of the war on consciousness upon the American people was ramped up. I’m not talking about the terrorist attacks of swarthy foreigners but what came after by our own government.

The Government of the United States, which claimed no forewarning before the attacks and ignorance during the attacks fed us a narrative mere hours later. President Bush the Stupider and his vice president, an ambulatory wad of evil and obfuscation unto himself, assured us mere hours after the attacks that they knew what happened: Rich Saudi Billionaire, 19 Hijackers, and Afghanistan, Hate us for our Freedom, Flight Schools and sleeper cells and shit like that. Sounded good, I certainly believed them at the time.

As fast as they had a story they had a plan. Regime change to “hostile” nations that supported terrorism (conspicuously absent from the list is The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). Spying on other nations and as we would come to see mass surveillance of us. Drone warfare where people who fit a profile (young military age males) where designated for incineration from 30,000 feet. And torture. Don’t forget the torture.

We invaded Afghanistan to depose the Taliban because they wouldn’t turn over Osama Bin Laden. When the Taliban offered to turn over Bin Laden as long as the US government produced the evidence that Bin Laden was behind the 9-11 attacks the US refused saying the evidence was (and still is, apparently) classified. As Ironic as it may be the Taliban started the 9-11 truth movement.

After the invasion of Afghanistan came the inexplicable invasion of Iraq. The Central Intelligence agency would then go on to torture subjects to confess to a link between Iraq and Al Qaeda.

But if this was such a slam dunk case, one where they felt confident telling us the narrative less than 12 hours after it happened, why are they torturing people years later to confirm Bullshit details?

On the home front the FBI would have several high profile press conferences congratulating themselves on thwarting terrorist plots of their own concoction. The plan was simple and repeatable:
1. Find a petty criminal who was facing easy conviction
2. Offer him reduced sentencing and cash to become an informant
3. Have him harass Muslims into committing illegal acts
4. Trumpeting the few Muslims who bit too hard at the bait as an example of a terrorist plot thwarted.
5. Ask for bigger budgets to stop terrorism.

Left out of the details are the victims of the FBI harassment who had to take restraining orders out on their tormentors. Imagine sitting in FBI headquarters and the innocent target of your clumsy sting is calling to complain that your paid informant is talking terrorism and jihad. Imagine being the innocent soul under surveillance wondering why your calls to the Federal Bureau of Investigation warning of jihad are ignored.

If terrorism is so prevalent why must we invent it?

So to recap 14 years after the attacks we have tortured the wrong people to justify invading the wrong countries. We have spied on our own people and the only terrorist’s plots foiled were created by the foilers.

You will see memes today telling you never forget. I couldn’t agree more. Remember the 3,000 souls that perished today. Remember the thousands of souls who bravely enlisted to defend us against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Remember the innocent souls on the other team who lived under the wrong dictator when their allegiance to the United States was no longer needed, as they are not here with us today either.

But part of never forgetting is always remembering. And always remember this: Wars, all wars, the literal ones with bullets and bombs and the rhetorical wars like the war on poverty and the wars on drugs and the war on crimes are always a war on a populace. The war on terror has been no different.

14 years ago The US Government declared war, against everyone who was not “with them” but was “against them”. The victims so far are everyone who was innocent who has died, everyone who was innocent who was tortured, everyone who was innocent who was spied on, and everyone who stopped to think, in good conscious, maybe this all is fucking nuts.

Bush said the battlefield was all over the planet but in reality the war zone is in your mind. We were taught to think of others as less than us based on religion and nationality. We were taught to be suspicious of those who questioned the official story or demanded evidence. We were taught that those who didn’t support the lock step into war were cowards or worse traitors.

We were taught apartness. We were taught powerlessness.
When they say never forget what they mean to say is never question. Not the suspicious circumstances of that day but the consciousness assault that has happened since then in its memory.
None of these were ever the answers. But then again they never wanted us asking the right questions…


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