And so it Begins…

The purpose of this Blog:
Combating the Bullshit Industrial Complex
Shattering the Matrix
Winning the Internet
Who Am I:

An American Ex-pat tinggal dan bekerja de Indonesia. I’m not hiding anything but with a bit of digging my identity is pretty easy to find but not so important. I’m just a guy.

We are all prone to biases in our thought and I am no different. I identify as an Libertarian (Anarchist as Libertarian sounds too soft and squishy). This doesn’t mean I like throwing rocks at Cops at G-20 summits (not knocking it, of course) just cognizant of the fact that Governments all over the world have an impressive record of racking up debt, destruction and death.

From a Religious spiritual point of view I would probably border on the metaphysical-Buddhist spectrum of thought. I believe in a creator that wishes to experience physicality so little God-Sparks of soul and consciousness flicked off to become matter and expanded consciousness. It became dust, stars and star stuff, rocks and trees and animals and Us. That’s why we are here: to have an experience, to be little individual Go-Pros for the creator where we live, love, learn, and grow ultimately returning to the source with the lessons we learned.

If this blog had a mission statement it would probably be to expand conscious thought and get us to realize that despite our differences we are all one. Perhaps this can be accomplished by looking at things differently than we are TOLD by authority figures we must look at things.

I choose today to start this blog on the anniversary of when the high conspirators against mass enlightenment started its greatest attack against our consciousness. I don’t know what happened in my home town on 9-11-2001, except that I doubt the “official narrative” and believe we have been manipulated since then to feel a certain way and think in such a manner. We were lead into questionable wars, while questioning was considered unpatriotic and seditious, and told that any deviation from the official narrative was not “supporting the troops” or being “un-American”. When someone is telling you how to think and believe instead of persuading you with reason and logic you can guess that they are probably full of shit.

Let this not be confused with “conspiracy theory”, the formulation of a hypothesis to what happened that day. I have no genuine idea nor do I speculate. I simply don’t believe. So instead of a conspiracy theorist a more apt title would be “Non Bullshit believer.”

In other words if the Politician, priest, police, or weatherman stated it, I don’t believe it without evidence. For all I know they are all in on it together.

The Name of this Blog is several fold. For starters I think the world has become a form of Pandemonium but this does not necessitate despair. Milton tells us that after the Fall Satan arose to survey the shithole he was in and say “Hey… this shit hole isn’t so bad.”  Satan was a touch more eloquent “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.” It is ones reaction to this Pandemonium that we have landed in and our ultimate growth that defines us and is the source of our spiritual growth. As Goethe wrote in describing the same dark force as Milton he “wills forever evil yet does forever good.”

The Piper is the one leading the whimsical clarion call at Pandemonium’s gates like the pied Piper of Hamelin centuries before, in Saxon lure. I am here to lead neither an Army of rats or children, but to inspire an army of Free thinking conscious individuals to think about things n a different level of understanding.

Rules of the Blog:
1. Stay relevant to the topic. We understand that you might have a great tangential point. Fantastic. Feel free to link this post to YOUR Blog while explaining your viewpoint On YOUR blog. That seems simple enough. If you don’t have a blog get one.
2. Statements and assertions made contradicting myself or another commentator require evidence. Back up your assertions with facts. No crop dusting with Links. Links are permitted to back up your opinion but not to simply post someone else opinion as your own. Finding someone on the internet who agrees with you (or worse being intellectual lazy and stealing another’s ideas as your own) is not an accomplishment or any way to win an argument.
3. We can have intelligent, enlightening and entertaining conversations about race, sex, gender, religion, politics etc. which can very often be controversial. This is the environment I wish to foster. Regardless you will at all times be respectful to the other commentators here. Witty smart ass comments are permitted ad-hominen attacks are not. If the subtlety of the difference escapes you we will be happy to enlighten you as we show you the door.
4. Don’t feed the trolls. Feeding the trolls keeps them around. You should know better.
5. Grammar Naziing. <—Not even sure if that is a word. While grammar and punctuation are definitely signs of articulacy and intelligence in argumentation within our fast paced typing shit on your phone world where you have to get the first post mistakes are bound to be made. It is entirely within the realm of possibility to articulate a well thought-out and intelligent argument while making a grammatical error or two. You forget the comma or autocorrect makes mistakes hear and they’re (Yes that was intentional). We get it. There is no need for the legion of CorrectionFührer amongst us to attempt invalidation of an argument by pointing out nothing more than that which is your pet peeve. Likewise if you make a grammatical mistake there is no need to use two additional posts to tell us that you fucked up and are really smarter than you think you may appear to be to us.
6. With that said if your grammar makes no sense or we don’t have a clue what you are talking about then that is a problem.
7. I reserve the right to amend these rules at any time.
8. You are welcome to have your own interpretations of these rules but ultimately I am the voice of reason.
9. I reserve the right to edit any post for stylistic or grammar correction at anytime. If I change a point because I made a factual mistake I will note it.
10. If you make this a less fun and engaging environment I will kick you out.

Enjoy there is so much more to come…



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